Eggplant salad


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  • 3 medium to large eggplants
  • 50 mg olive oil
  • salt
  • scallion to garnish


  1. heat the grill on high – for about 10 minutes
  2. pierce the eggplants with a fork so the eggplants won’t explode on the grill
  3. grill them on each side for 15 to 20 minutes, until they are chard and blackened. Time may vary depending on the grill.
  4. when done, let them cool down on a plate.
  5. peal the chard skin, leaving the stem attached.
  6. let them drain on an inclined cutting board for about an hour.
  7. detach the stem and finely dice the eggplants one a time.
  8. put all the extra finely diced eggplants in a bowl, add salt, and using a hand mixer start mixing them. Add oil 2 spoons at a time, and mix until all oil is incorporated.
  9. serve on bread, and topped with diced scallions.


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